Monday 01/20/14

9:40a – 1:00a


  • send fig files to Jeff
  • Upgrade memory on Cajal.
  • Image ANT-C complex
  • analyze black K100 (internal black domain)
  • plots of internal vs. external.

Lab Meeting

  • see notes.
  • journal club notes

Computer stuff

  • Memory installed on Cajal. Need to upgrade Server edition to use more than 32GB of RAM.
  • Windows 2012 Server Standard will do it, and can be upgraded directly from 2008 Server R2 Standard.
  • Link to licenses from Newegg for multiple remote desktop for 2012.

matlab-storm development

  • weird issue with imagesc not printing indexed data to figure windows seems to have gone away.
  • added colormap selection options and tested contrast adjustment in ChromatinCropper

adding colormap selection to STORMrender

  • To Do: add drop-down menu next to levels to select color for the channel

Chromatin Project


  • working on slides for meeting with XZ


  • imaging ANT-C on STORM2
  • fresh glox, 2uL MEA 5uL COT, excellent switching (also a brightly stained 400 kb locus).
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