Friday 02/21/14

10:15a – 5:50p

Chromatin Project

Library 3 prep

  • finish annotating new lib3 yellow green regions
  • ran probe folding for yellow green regions
  • Current probes (including 10 new black, 8 new blue): 91144

Deep Seq analysis

  • Trying to understand why some sequences are consistently over-abundantly amplified.
  • no effect of number of hairpins or number of dimers
  • weak affect of Tm / %GC. Higher TM more GC more a bit more frequently abundant on ave.


over-abundant after PCR vs all other seqs:


Analyzing data from Hao Lib

Data cleanup

  • running splitdax on old bead data (this is the only way we can compress the bead movies).
  • using D11 as test set.

Ph project

  • spot checking of half a dozen or so of the S2 and WT Ph-STORM + FISH experiments don’t show obvious colocalization. The labeling is obviously sparser, (maybe 1/5 the number of clusters) probably just the brightest ones.
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