Wednesday 03/05/14

8:10a – 11:30p

To do

  • Call Russell House to check for reservations for Thursday
  • write code for on the fly data transfer
  • debug Hal based splitdax and bead integration.


  • copying 2013-12-28_PhWtPh, 2013-12-29_PhMPh, 2013-12-31_PhWtPh from ProBox6 to ProRAID


Coding (general use stuff)

Automatic detection and analysis

  • wrote new scripts (could/should be functions)
  • AnalyzeOnArrival_140305.m
  • SplitOnArrival_140305.m
  • CopyOnArrival_140305.m
  • CopyAndAnalyzeOnArrival_140305.m

Chromatin Project

  • discussion with Bogdan
  • new library arrived
  • diluted both primer sets
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