Thursday 04/03/14

10:00a – 1:00a


  • Data for Jeff
    1. Density distributions for over sequence for template and probe from my library
    2. Cumulative dist plots for probe abundances from my library
    3. Insertion/deletion/mutation error plots as a function of bp for template and probe
  • New figure for Ting
    1. Quantification of signal per spot as a function of labeling scheme, with images of each.
    2. Quantification of background per cell as a function of labeling scheme, with images of each.
    3. Quantification of on-target to off-target probe binding frequency.
  • Upgrade Cajal to Windows Server 2012
    • upgrade took all day and failed
    • I think I learned a lot about how Windows Server 2012 has changed.
    • see posts on subject.
  • STORM4 imaging
    • serious issues with camera alignment
    • serious issues with quadview alignment
    • probably issues with back-beam alignment secondary to camera misalignment, can’t diagnose.
    • laser connectivity issues to GUI?! GUI stopped talking to 642 and 561 laser. not good not seen this before.
    • unable to resolve all issues in time for an overnight run.
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