Monday 07/14/14

10:00 am – 10:55 pm


  • imaging D11

Chromatin Project

  • New stains
    • L3E06
    • L3E07
    • L3E07toE09
    • L2 F03toF04
    • L2 G02toG04
  • New stains F3toF5 P1 + F6-P3, 2 large coverslips

Chromatin overlap

data rendering




Models to compare

  1. Components of a random walk polymer
  2. Components of a random walk polymer with interactions
  3. Components of an intact, spatially constrained domain, equilibrium globule folded.
  4. internal components of a spatially constrained domain

Different strengths of volumetric constraint



Issues with current simulations

  • unable to get fractal packing from volumetric constraint. Instead get knots
  • energy minization starting system in knotted states?
  • rigidly exclude branch crossing?
  • need to relax system progressively?
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