Tuesday 07/15/14

10:45 am – 9:55 pm


  • training Bogdan on Cryo
  • cutting mouse brain. Target size 1um
  • initial cutting temperature = -55 C
  • sections look reasonable with DAPI.
  • collecting sections for imaging
  • teaching proper clean up procedure
  • New supplies to get
    • backup small perfect loop.
    • brushes


Sequential staining

  • S3toe5 failed quality control, won’t ship until tomorrow
  • S1toe5 shipped last night, should be here to test with
  • can I do S3 after S1? This actually has 15 bp of homology because of the shared 10 bp.
  • imaging BXC-S1. At least these look like some good BX-C images.

Internal scaling

  • selecting and cropping sample images for figures.
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