Wednesday 12-14-11

7:45 A – 12:02 A

  • Finish O/N run of MP08 confocal, 9 embryos scanned, 10 frames into position 10, nice mesodermal view of embryo.  next user cancelled, could have finished 11 embryos, check email first.
  • wash out primary antibodies on hb/ftz/K27 stainings
  • start new in situs (new MP08 + wt en/AbdA/ubx)
  • Flip collection cages 10A
  • discussion with Katherine Ebright
  • post-doc candidate visit
  • Return MP08 flies to growing bottles.
  • bcd stain looks great.  hb stain looks weak, only examined cc13 embryos though. Some nuclear morphology is clearly weird.  Should do antibody immediately after short fix, followed by longer fix, followed by in situ, followed by secondary.
  • short post-fix of bcd, ftz, and H3K4 embryos. Then PBT O/N
  • ftz stain in cc14 embryos looks good.  a bit backgroundy, hopefully preabsorbing helps next round.
  • CM-diI stains everything but nuclei, inferior to WGA.
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