Saturday 12-17-11

12:00P – 1:00 P, 8:45P – 10:20 P

  • O/N confocal only finished 12 embryos between 8p and noon, extended run to finish remaining 4 selected on slide.
  • mount all MP08.  mount subsets of embryos: eng-dig, eng-fl, antp+ubx, AbdA+ubx. remaining embryos rinsing in PBT 1P – 8:45P.
  • Rinse out primary antibody rpt on in situs for bcd, ftz, and H3K4 stained embryos.  Rinsing in PBT 1P – 8:45P
  • Set up new confocal 12 MP08 embryos
  • en-in situs now post-fixing in GA, 45 min.
  • bcd, ftz, H3K4 second labeling round, blocking 9:20 – 10:00P.  in secondary antibodies O/N at 4C
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