Monday 11/19/11

10:50 A -7:05

  • test Invitrogen DNA dyes in whole-mount yw 2-4 hr embryos.
  • embedding engrailed and hox labeled embryos, in 70% resin: 11:30A
  • washing out WGA labeling in bcd/ftz/K4 embryos.
  • test Draq5 on sections: also does not label
  • etching new slide in case DNA degradation is a problem for testing labeling (Hoechst should have worked better?)
  • Even in newly etched sections, Draq5 and Hoescht don’t label.  Maybe long etching removes DNA?  No convincing intronic mRNA stains yet in sectioned embryos.
  • post-fix WGA-labeled bcd/ftz/K4 embryos.
  • Add draq5 to K4 labeled embryos.
  • Invitrogen DNA dyes label membranes very strongly, makes finding sample on confocal many-many times easier.  Also shows that post-cutting labeling does work.  Trying now with cy3B to have some a membrane dye with better photo-switching.
  • Etching long strips of MP09 sectioned embryos (slide 7 from in situs on 12/9).  Look for any sign of 647 labeled mRNA in any of the sections.
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