Friday 01/13/12

10:10 A -8:00P

  • Start etching K4
  • Flip MP08 cage (10:40A)
  • New MP08 cage
  • cut eng-dig sections 3 – 4:30
  • cut new Ftz, eng labeled embryos 4:30 -6p, section’s of previously trimmed block do not hold together well.
  • cut selection of 1um and 2 um individual sections.  Cutting these by hand does not yield good results.
  • Insight3 analysis of Bcd imaging from Tuesday
  • verified that previous order of dk anti-rat IgG cross-reacts with mouse IgG.  Ordering new IgG that doesn’t cross-react.  Order Streptavidin to free up mouse antibody for labeling.
  • working on fellowship apps
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