Saturday 01-14-12

11:00A – 7:50 P

  • No engrailed stain
  • No evidence that short fix, antibody label, then in situ, actually labels mRNA efficiently. No hb-mRNA detected.
  • attempted imaging of en-dig (cut yesterday) 50 min etching removed all cells, only bits of yolk from some embryos still adherent.
  • etched Ftz embryos.  Not successfully stained with engrailed (see note above): nothing good to image.
  • Confocal checked section and whole-mount slides.  Bcd Hb hb-mRNA sections do not appear to contain substantial protein signal. Try cutting more sections.  No evidence that mRNA stain worked, so try cutting samples without mRNA.
  • Confocal: en-flu: weak flu signal and weak cross-reaction from green into 647 channel.  Somewhat irregular brightness among some of the 50nm sections (varying thickness?  or an etching thing? probably the former).
  • polishing matlab dax2png and molecule list2png codes.  working well.
  • plan: Label with neuro-ectoderm gene battery, AP slices through densely packed embedded embryo sections, labeled with H3K4, look for H3K4me3 association with transcription.
  • Review super-resolution imaging progress to date (see post)
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