whole-mount tests 02/09-10/12

slide H1: 4 color anti-nuclear lamin test


slide H2: Directly labeled antibodies: Dm01-488(green) H3K27me3-Cy3B (red), H3-Cy5 (blue), H3K27ac-750 (not shown)

slide H4: H3K27me3-Cy3B (red) and H3K4me3-Cy5 (blue) along with 405 background (green).

slide H4: earlier embryo: H3K27me3 ‘clusters?’  (red) over H3K4me3 diffuse staining (slide H4)

Slide H3:  H3K27ac-488 (green, failed), 27ac-Cy5 (blue), Dm0 (red)


405-K27me3, 405,647-K27ac, Cy3B-Dm0, late cc14 embryo.

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