Friday 02/17/12

10:10 A — 6P, 8P-12:30P

  • Finish O/N STORM run
  • Analyze STORM data
  • collect virgins
  • working on alignment for STORM data.  Rigid alignment seems better for the moment.
  • staining embryos, in situs day 3.
  • New scheme for PcG and histone doubles: do directly labeled histone antibody labeling after washing out rabbit secondary.  (in situs now require 4 antibody incubations + 1 probe incubation).
  • Discuss with Ke: use 2 objective setup, cut thick slices (1um? 100 slices get whole embryo?)  Then do 3D imaging in 2 objective setup.
  • Try cutting some thick embryos and image on confocal.
  • Try imaging thin cut embryos on confocal — most of the density problem has already been solved by cutting embryo into very thin pieces.
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