Monday 03/19/12

9:40A – 11:55 P

  • Lab meeting presentation: Jeff Moffit
  • 1 hr RT O/N primaries
  • washing out O/N primary antibody labels
  • ACS draft app to Matt
  • Fly meeting receipts organized, sent to Matt
  • Promoter synchrony paper feedback for Mounia and Jacques
  • KE run gel of PCR amplified templates.  Finish extraction tomorrow.
  • ran out of mounting medium
  • ubx looks great in short fix, eve is detectable, Ftz looks better in heat-fix (probably better still in short fix), Bcd looks better in short fix than heat-fix.
  • Confocal repeatedly dramatically changes z-position — record position and return to it minutes  later and the same original plane is hundreds of microns away from where recorded.   Very frustrating.
  • Troubleshooting issues with batch GUI code and drift correction — tried splitting up image into different temporal segments to do drift correction.  All outputs are the same. This wasn’t happening earlier when it was just integrating sub-images rather than splitting them up.


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