Monday 04/30/12

9:45 A – 8:15P,

  • Steven group meeting presentation
  • sequencing results:
  • AbdB-1A: sense strand.  Use SP6 for antisense probe
  • AbdB-1B: sense strand.  Use SP6
  • AbdB-3A: sense strand. poor quality read
  • AbdB-3B: antisense strand. Use T7
  • Dfd-2A: antisense strand: T7
  • Dfd-2B: antisense strand: T7
  • 5E-A: plus/minus.  sense strand for noncoding msa sequence.  Sp6
  • 5E-B: plus/plus. antisense strand for noncoding msa: T7
  • My group meeting presentation for Francis lab
  • Scm homology to Pho, similar functional effect on knockdown — less Scm => PRC1/2 but not vice versa.  Tethered Scm can drive mini-white silencing (unlike Pho), in a PRC1 dependent fashion.
  • Paro has bio-tagged Pc that reportedly rescues embryonic lethal.
  • Pc-GFP TIRF angle no good for 750 in run2 — all molecules are too dim.
  • Picked colonies from latest cloning: 8E, 7E, 2E, Fab8, AbdB2.
  • Running Pc-GFP run1 analysis through list2tif3d_color_drift_corrected with and without a 400 nm window z-filter.
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