Tuesday 05/01/12

11:00 A – 6:45P, 8:00P -12:00A

  • flip fly collection cages, 11A
  • Miniprep cultured colonies: 8E, 7E, 2E, AbdB2 and Fab8 (2 colonies each).  Send for sequencing.
  • Rearrange ultratome room, suspend on air-table, clean room.
  • Flip collection cages, 3:15 A
  • Analyzing run2 PC-GFP data (insight files look worse — dot’s much dimmer, TIRF angle probably insufficient.  we’ll see how they compare).
  •  Analyzing Bcd hbyi data
  • Moving Pc-750 data to Alistair2
  • Analyzing Pc-750 K27-647 data
  • Fix embryos: 5:00 P
  • in situs day 1 to test new probes: taf, tub, Antp, AbdA, Ubx, en, inv, tou, E(pc), + sna as control.
  • Cut sections of H4 (H3K27me3, H3K4me3)
  • Clear Gal4-bcd3’utr cages, collect phenotypic virgins
  • confocal analysis of all secondary controls.  only very weak staining observed under 50%+ laser power and high gain.  No ectopic nuclear bodies.  Maybe the 4C secondary incubation doesn’t get that strange background dots.
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