Monday 07/09/12

9:50 A – 6:50 P

  • remove slide 3 of H3K4-section from 60C heat block, add to slides.
  • Hazen Lab meeting
  • 3D viewing in Insight:  ctrl+shift+x, select ‘no’, ctrl+x gives 3D viewer.  Need to have color shading as percentage toggled on for 3D viewer to work.  ctrl+z brings up 3D menu. In image options select  colormap 22 for color-by-height and select
  • issues with photon counts (see post).  Discuss with Josh and Sang-Hee.  Doesn’t seem to be a photon loss (equipment) or photon counting (computational) problem so much as different ways of estimating a summary statistic for this distribution.
  • In situs day 1.  Will use new H3K27 at high concentration.
  • resent HCBI form, hopefully get confocal access back soon.
  • froze collection cages.
  • Minor revision from ML (references). paper ready to send.
  • Fixing up figure layout, checking panel labels and captions.
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