Tuesday 07/10/12

10:10 A – 5:15 P, 10:30P – 12:45A

  • etching H3K4 4-color coverslip 3 in new sodium ethoxide (pale yellow color) for 13 min = mostly etched, resin definetely in the doubled over sections, some patches on single embryos.  clear bur on side of section.   (slips 1 and 2 are nicer ribbons, save until etching optimized?)
  • Clean out newly frozen embryo collection cages
  • in situs day 2 (using new heat block to keep hybe soln’ warm).
  • Setting up STORM of H3K4 4-color.
  • coverslip 1 647 not bleaching thoroughly, suspect substantial residual resin.  Etching slip 2 for 22 min.  samples switching sluggishly.  Will switch buffers too.
  • move previous STORM data off of Zidane.
  • # send updated manuscript to ML
  • Pare/McGinnis entire paper is 132 cells in total analyzed.
  • My data >20,000 in dynamics fig, >40,000 cells in dosage effects,  > 2 mil, > 4 mil mRNAs respectively in these data  sets.
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