Saturday 12/01/12

cell staining

  • control worked, 50kbp probe did not. However, 50kbp probe does show weak global nuclear staining immediately after removing probe, which is not visible in control channels.
  • hot washes started
  • 60C SSCT hot washes dramatically reduce signal from control channel. Try 37C?
Probe making
  • forgot to heat denature, running as a single band 🙁 Will need to extract and repeat.  
Fly work
  • never made it to morning virgin collections.  
  • skipped evening collections

embryo in situs

  • day 3, washing out primary
  • secondary staining

PCR screening

  • L3R9, L7R12,L5R4,L8R10, Espl, then Sim
  • 3A LongAmp, 59C anneal, 10min elong, 32 cycles
  • 3B LongAmp, 54C anneal, 10 min elong, 32 cycles
  • 4A BioXAct, 59C anneal, 5:30 69C elong, 32 cycles
  • 4B BioXAct, 63C anneal, 5:00 69C elong, 32 cycles
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