Friday 01/10/13

8:30 A – 9:50 P

Fly work

  • Flip collection plate 8:30A
  • Fixing embryos 11:30A.  (20 min 8% FA reaction)
  • Flip all polycomb mutants into bottles


  • made new bead slide, 1:25K
  • imaging 2 rounds of beads for 3D fitting
  • K9me2 750 in Immuno first vs. FISH first

Probe making

  •  Run denaturing gel to extract 500 kb probe.
  • gel runs slightly crooked.  cut out lane, post-stained for 10 min with 15 uL GelGREEN in a pippett tip box lid with gel running buffer.   Imaged on Typhoon.  destained 10 min in ddH2O, extracted using Brian’s method of O/N 55C shaker in 600 uL of .4 M ammonium acetate.  Why has the ammonium acetate conc been dropped?  Less volume of ddH2O in added solution?


  • Imaging whole embryo MP08 (snail minus distal) and MP12 (snail BAC controls).  
  • For figures for bistability


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