Goals 02/10/14

To Do

Ph project

  • analyze gene expression data by chromatin region
    • write code to grab all genes mapping to blue regions
    • take all blue intervals (already recorded), get gene by interval (function already built), let run.
    • the gene matching game! hopefully one of my lists has this covered, otherwise this is going to be a pain as always to match Ajaz’s common names to my common names / gene IDs.
  • Make figures from Confocal data
    • Made preliminary figure from Ph-data (Completed 02/09/14)
    • bodies not highly pronounced. Ajaz gives it the thumbs down
    • Sign-up for more confocal time. Try to image freshly stained S2 cells.
  • make supplemental figure from negative controls
    • no primary
    • Flag in S2

Team project

  • downsample bead data
  • analyze lib4 data


  • prep samples for qPCR (Completed 02/10/14, 11:45pm)
  • Run qPCR (completed 02/11/14)
  • Analyze qPCR data (wrote new script). (Completed 02/11/14)
  • Set up and run MiSeq (Completed 02/11/14)
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