Tuesday 04/08/14

9:30a – 11:00p


  • reschedule Dentist
  • try 2, Cajal windows upgrade
  • Need to finish review / referee paper
  • Set up STORM imaging of E3
  • Test new hybes
  • Finish writeup #2 draft for XZ. sent back to team for comments
  • Start writeup #3 for XZ.
  • Meet with Steven to integrate writeup #3

Probe Making

  • qPCR of E5-E12 + F1-F8
  • picked off samples at 2500 – 3000 RPU
  • ran on old gel. Should re-run on fresh gel.
  • Attempting column cleanup using 96-well plates and multi-channel pippettors
    • this is definetely less hands on.
    • and I think per column its cheaper. And spatially smaller
    • spinning at 3000 x g, with open lid columns.
    • TROUBLING: eluted with 12 uL ddH2O, recovered less than 5 uL.
  • setting up in vitro reactions with quick mix.

Cell Staining

  • observed that even without water in the bottom of the box the rubber cement still appears lose and hydrated after O/N stain.
    • Maybe next try keeping lid open / putting slides into oven straight, no box.
    • Maybe skip rubber cement completely? or try a mock without cells, just a coverslip and hybe soln (no probe)?
  • completed hot washes for stains made last night.


  • imaging E03 sample
  • ran out of time, did not set up new multi-color sample. Will test tomorrow

Cajal Upgrade

  • went through new version of install.
  • configured session-based remote desktop log in first. This didn’t seem to work.
  • configured virtual host based remote desktop. This seems to give the behavior I want.
  • have to add domain users to permissions setting to allow local log in.
  • installed git-scm under Administrator
    • don’t get Git GUI / Git Bash menus in my personal user account.
    • probably should have added desktop icons, can’t find git-gui.
    • maybe just uninstall and reinstall git tomorrow.

Computer Stuff

  • more useful wmic
    • wmic os get FreePhysicalMemory – return the available RAM
    • wmic cpu get loadpercentage – determine total cpu load percentage
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